Re: Every Sound has a Soul

Sonya Lano | 14/07/2011

I liked these parts:
- every single ounce of breath, every muscle tensed in the fight to exorcise the dark hollows of his belly
- This was a white noise, malevolent, born into the air to wake up not only the neighbours, but the neighbours neighbours… neighbours.
- there was something symphonious about the way they all let him know, almost in time with each other, as if the spirit of sound had somehow consumed them too and made them tap, rat, tat, tat… thump.
This was nicely phrased but very melancholy: What’s more is that the girl you were too frigid to kiss as a teenager is now pregnant with the local bricklayer’s child, the role model who you never told how much he inspired you is choking on his own vomit in the gutter on the other side of the world, and the teacher who tried to get you to read more as a kid is being made redundant.
I just wish you had explained what actually spurred him to howl. If it was in there I missed it :o(

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