A Hero's Dilemma

Damien | 09/10/2011

The graybeard picked up his heels and danced among the asters. It had all looked like it would turn out so much different back when he lost his gumption, but a few months in a rehab facility had taught him that he still had plenty to live for. A visit to the angel’s graveyard to speak to his father had also helped, although he still had issues with the fact that his dad was proud of his career as a gravedigger.

Still, as time had gone by he had gotten his gumption back and had agreed to go on a quest for the Princess to look for the infamous Blade of the Flatulent Boar which had apparently been lost in the debacle of the Battle of Baubles.

And now here he was, a year later, the last man standing, with only a furball for company and the Blade in his hand. He knew that what he should really do is go home and present the trophy to the Princess to achieve his reward of unknown riches, but he was experiencing a small problem.

The quest he had embarked upon had awakened a wanderlust in him that he had never previously imagined, and now he was torn between going home and claiming his reward or just saying ‘fuck it’ and going on to explore new lands.

After careful deliberation, however, it occurred to him that there was nothing to prevent him from going home to claim his reward and then saying ‘fuck it’ and going on to explore new lands. In fact, the latter would be much simpler if he did the former as he was not exactly over-endowed with riches at the moment, and so, reluctant as he was to return home, he did exactly that before embarking on a series of adventures throughout all of the known multi-verses!

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