Midnight Seduction

Damien | 29/10/2011

I knew even before we went into the graveyard that it was a bad idea. After all, any ten year old can tell you that these are not places that you should really think of as playgrounds, and I was a fair bit older than ten years old.

But I was also with an extremely attractive young lady, en route from the bar where I had just met her to her flat for some late night extracurriculars, and so when she suggested that we take a shortcut through the cemetary I was quick to agree. Anything that got me back to her place a little bit faster just had to be a good thing as far as I was concerned.

The fact that it was approaching midnight on Halloween didn't really help my nerves, as the last time I had been in one of the cities of the dead at this time of year had been when I was 15. Again, a girl had been involved, and although we hadn't been attacked by ghouls or goblins or anything silly like that, we had been accosted by her boyfriend and his buddies, causing me to go directly to casualty without passing 'GO' or collecting 200 dollars or whatever.

I had spent the next 5 days in hospital and had sworn then that no matter how good looking a girl was I would never follow her into a necropolis at night again for as long as I lived.

And now here I was, ignoring a vow that had seen me through the many years since completely unscathed in favour of lust once more. Would I ever learn or was I doomed to be a stupid man for all eternity?

Or at least as much eternity as I had before the ghosts got me, anyway.

The problem I had was that she was just too damn beautiful to say no to, especially when she pouted her lips in such a fashion that I couldn't help form a mental image of what I really wanted said lips to be doing instead of pouting.

I followed her over the fence, and we ran like giggling school-children among the final resting places of the countless souls that had been laid to rest here over the years. I didn't believe in ghosts, I was far too rational for that. But it was Halloween, and even though I didn't believe in them, that didn't mean that if they were real they would leave me alone.

After all, I very much doubt that rabbits grow up believing in the internal combustion engine, but that doesn't stop them getting flattened when a car hit them.

So even though I was laughing as I ran, there was a certain amount of trepidation as we got deeper and deeper into the cemetary. I had walked through here during the daytime countless times before, as I found it a really tranquil place to be alone with my thoughts, but I had never been here at night before and the whole place was giving me the creeps.

I had to suck it up though and pretend that I was fine, as there was the prospect of a very enjoyable evening ahead of me once we got to the other side, a prospect which I could envision diminishing quite quickly if my hoped for partner began to suspect that I was really a wimp.

We ran for what seemed like half an hour, which couldn't possibly be right as when I walked through here during the day it never took me more than 15 minutes to get from one side to the other. I was roused from my thoughts though when the beautiful girl who had led me in here stopped suddenly and turned to face me.

I had a moment to notice the fact that she didn't seem nearly as out of breath as she should after all that exertion, and another split second to realise that she seemed to be growing taller even as she leaned toward me.

Then she started to kiss me and I forgot all about the outside world. All that mattered to me was her lips on mine, the feeling of her body pressing against me, in a split second taking me from a state of suppressed fear to one of arousal.

The kiss seemed to last for an age before I noticed that there was something wrong. There was no warmth in her lips, or the rest of her body as it pressed against me for that matter. Even as I began to register this strange fact her lips moved from mine and trailed down the side of my jaw and towards my neck.

At the last moment I sensed what was about to happen and tried to pull back, but I was too late and she was too strong. As her elongated teeth, teeth that I had thought part of her costume, made their initial bite into my jugular, I had an instant to remind myself of why I had sworn never to follow another girl into a graveyard.

And then, as I heard the clocks stike the witching hour, everything went dark, and I was lost.

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