Damien | 22/02/2013

Dark. Cold and dark. Cold and wet and dark.

The only lights around are coming from the front of the store. The store thats about to close. The store thats about to be closed by a young woman. A young woman who is very attractive. A very attractive young woman who is alone.

Or so she thinks. She's sort of alone. Or at least, there's no one in the store with her. But there is someone across the road. Waiting, watching. Someone who means her nothing but malice. Someone who has been waiting for nearly an hour for her to close the store.

Which she's doing now. First, the shutters are lowered. Its a posh store, so she doesn't have to come outside to pull them down, just flick a switch on a wall and they lower automatically. All except for the centre section is lowered all the way to the ground.

The centre section is where the door to the store is though, so it isn't lowered all the way. She walks to the door, unlocks it, steps through, Turns round to lock it behind her, and feels a shove in the small of her back. She falls back into the store, worried, very worried.

She turns to see who or what shoved her. Its a man. A big man. A very big man. She cant see any of his face. Except for his mouth. He's smiling. Showing lots of teeth. Too many teeth. Something isn't right.

He laughs, bends down, reaches for her. Picks her up. She tries to struggle, but to no avail. He's too strong, too powerful. Whatever he wants to do, she knows she is defenceless against him. He lowers his mouth, with his too many teeth, towards her neck, prepares to bite....

She awoke with a start, the remnants of the dream fading quickly, but not before she managed to make a mental note never to drink Absinthe again.

Note: I wrote this years ago, but figured I may as well get you guys started

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