Current challenge

The current challenge is to write a story not exceeding 3000 words where the story is shown or experienced mainly through the main character's (and other characters') hands, that is, where hands are the main body parts acting out the story's action (although you can mention other body parts, of course, and how they react, and the story can be narrated by the main character with dialogue, etc., just with a focus on hands).

Anyone is welcome to submit. Just insert your story as a comment here.

Anyone is welcome to vote. Just reply to your favorite entry (also here) and write "VOTE" in the comment text. Don't vote for your own entry. You can also vote anonymously.

Please, only constructive criticism; no bashing or venting.

If anyone has any comments...

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Hi | 02/01/2016

hi, where are the stories to read and vote on? Little confused.

Re: Where?

Sonya Lano | 24/01/2016

The link is in this line: "Just insert your story as a comment here."
Here is the direct address:

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