Published (English-speaking) writers living in the Czech Republic (that we know of)

This page lists books published by authors currently living in the Czech Republic (including self-pubbed). If someone's missing, let us know!

William King

He has such a large collection of books they're not listed here, but you can find a list of his novels on Amazon here.

Michael Pockley

How to Become a Zen Priest: without shaving your head by Michael Pockley

You go to a Zen centre. You sit. Someone with short hair and a serious face rings the bell. Maybe sometimes you have thought, "I could do that!" Maybe you have even thought, "I could do that with a smile!" This book shows you how.

The Merchant's Tale by Michael Pockley

If you're looking for a heavy read in the tradition of Dostoevsky, this is not for you. However, you will enjoy it if you'd like to relax with a bit of light-hearted fun. Romance, sword-play, scheming parents, self-discovery, a resourceful hero, an erudite heroine - a chapter at bedtime should bring nothing but the most contented dreams.


"I found the book really entertaining. It is written with pace and verve, and a wry, energetic sense of bonhomie. The plot was great, the characters likeable and vivid, the humour catching and, not that I'd know, but the research and background seemed impeccable."

How to Meditate on the Train by Michael Pockley

Commuting by train can be a stressful waste of time. Alternatively, you can use the train as fruitfully as monks use a monastery. You can arrive at your destination refreshed, at peace and enlightened...this book shows you how.


"Fantastic! It should be in every handbag or manbag, handy to get out when you feel unsettled."

"I wasn't sure if this would be useful to me on my stressful / boring bus journeys to work. However, it was just the ticket! - really well written and easy to read and do."

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Nick Gerrard

Travelling for the Hell of It by Nick Gerrard

A Kind of travel book. Short Stories, journalistic pieces, memoirs and opinions; From a life time of travelling and living abroad. Some horrible, some funny, some serious. And hopefully interesting. From running Eco-lodges in Malawi and Czech to Voluteering in Europe and getting drunk in Brazil. Food, Eco-tourism, football and Aid projects, back-packing and more.


"A book of honest, hard hitting and funny anecdotes from an author who has obviously been there, done it and probably stole the T shirt along the way. Opinionated and eye-opening, the diversity of locations and the writer's enthusiasm keeps you entertained from start to finish."

"As a collection of travel stories -- it's original, fun, and as spiky as the young punk rocker who set off on his travels all those years ago."

Lyrics Without Music by Nick Gerrard

Gritty realistic poems about social, political, love, life and drink struggles.


"A collection that will take you from the downtrodden to the rebellious, from violence to love, from the bittersweetness of leaving a home to the joys of being with one's son."

Sonya Lano and Iris Ng-Bakalar

No One to Save Her by Sonya Lano and Iris Ng-Bakalar

Serycia Fade, a slave marked for death…

I run into the most impoverished level of our walled city, where poisons and toxins swirl in oily black puddles on the streets, and people are gathering in a square in line for food.

But they can’t be here.

I scream at them to get out, get away.

And the world explodes.

Soren Lost, a Level 1 nonentity…

She breaks into my life like a shard of sunlight shining in a squalid world just before the square explodes. Staggering out of the rubble, she offers me a pill that will give me a month of health in exchange for me getting her back out of Level 1.

Only thing is, a powerful man has her marked for death; she’s got city protectors on her tail; her former master has been mind-wiped and doesn’t remember she exists; and I have a sister to protect.

I should refuse, should leave her mired in her own troubles.

But there’s no one else to save her. So I take the month of health and do my damnedest to save her myself.

Good thing, too, because if I get her to the lab on Level 3, her research might be the key to finding the cure for the virus that dooms us all to die at twenty-six.

If I can keep her alive that long.

Damien Smethurst

Simply Twisted by Damien Smethurst

Where do Sunday drivers go? Why is that guy following a blonde and brunette? How can a cigarette be good for you? Where does the tunnel lead? These questions, and many more besides, will be answered inside, if only you dare look. At times comic, tragic, and sometimes quite horrific, journey into the madness that is the mind of one man on a mission. What the mission is remains to be seen. That the journey to the end of the mission is a lot of fun is undoubtedly true. A collection of short stories, poetry, and general musings, this book contains something for every reader, and with new stories that weren't published in the original edition, there is still something new for everyone to enjoy.

Sonya Lano


Under A Caged Sky by Sonya Lano

They locked us under a caged sky and mutated us.

Now, in order to save the guy I love, a guy with wings of ice and a heart of gold, I have to tell my story. Just spit out some words. Wax eloquent about how it felt learning to live with wings, about how I fell in love in a caged city, and about the streets of illusion I walked where every freedom was controlled and every person harbored a secret.

As if the sparkly pink fairy-princess wings from the mutation weren’t bad enough, now add a fluke registration with the guy my wings flirt with, a street gang stalking me, and the fact that my wings either heal people or freaking mutate them, and things just got complicated...

Heiress of Healing (Heiress of the Seven Cities #1) by Sonya Lano

The people of the Seven Demesnes live in unease. Every generation, seven sons are born to rule their seven walled cities. Without them, mankind is fated to fall.

Now, something is killing them before they can be born.

When Iminique Demascus senses a nameless evil striking at the unborn royal children, she has to make a choice. A noblewoman and a healer in a world where aristocrats and mages belong to different castes, she is forbidden by her father to ever heal. Breaking his dictate, she saves a single girl child.

No one thanks her. Neither the child’s parents nor the people want a girl, reviling her for surviving when the males perished. Left as the princess’s sole protector and faced with adversity and hostility from nearly every quarter, Iminique allies herself with the wizard who once dragged her to the brink of death and then inexplicably let her go; a wizard who has his own secret agenda and casts spells that should be impossible.

Meanwhile, in the south, a young sorceress falls prey to an ancient enemy, one weaving his own plans for bringing mankind to its knees.


"The author keeps you engaged from the start to the finish with an array of heros, several villians and a few that could go either way."

Heiress of Magic (Heiress of the Seven Cities) by Sonya Lano

In the city of mages, a guild slave dances, magical stars drifting from her hair that whisper secret persuasions into the minds of those watching. Every evening she writes down her memories before a shadow in the night takes them. This is where the division begins.

For centuries, the walls of the Seven Demesnes have protected men from weirs and shadow-hungry alike. But those eager for the walls to come down are ready to strike, and those who must defend them stand divided. Guild plots against ruler. Mage plots against mage. The powerful vanish. The weak are enslaved. The survivors keep secrets.

When a mage is murdered, blame is thrown – on the wrong person. Lines are drawn – in the wrong places. Unions are made – with the wrong allies.

And when the enemy strikes, not one is prepared.

Never Trust a Prince by Sonya Lano

Cousin Ebermeisters cannot be trusted. Neither can five-headed trolls (sly things; always keeping secrets). Neither can princes.
Especially not princes.
In fact, for ex-princess Nikaela, all men are undeniably, unquestionably, indisputably, absolutely, without a doubt and with no exceptions bad news.
That’s why she and her ex-princess friend Saige have a nice little swindle going where they fleece unsuspecting noblemen of their pocket change at royal balls. It’s not exactly a lucrative line of business, but it pays the bills.
At least it pays the bills until Saige (not the sharpest eel in the barrel) chooses the wrong man to cross, and she and Nikaela end up cursed!
As if that wasn’t bad enough, an unwanted suitor with a head full of chivalrous nonsense and a mind to win Nikaela’s heart chooses that inopportune moment to step back into her life.
And as if THAT wasn’t bad enough, a dragon and a would-be hero sweep into Saige’s life.
And as if that STILL wasn’t bad enough, the untrustworthy men in their lives are about to turn each girl’s well-ordered opinion of the world on its head.


"I never knew what was going to happen next and often found myself laughing out loud."

Damien Galeone

Senseless by Damien Galeone

'Senseless' tells the story of Phineas Troy, a once-promising journalist who instead chose the fast cash of bartending and its freewheeling lifestyle. Until his body takes over. In a week that starts like any other, Phineas’ senses begin to disappear, catapulting this ordinary man into an extraordinary adventure. Joining him on this wild ride are his foul-mouthed brother, a mule tender, a novel-devouring Scottish terrier and a love struck tarantula. This novel is for the legions of underachievers and settlers who have asked in moments of clarity, “Where is my life going?” It’s for all those who have ever felt that their lives are, in some way, senseless.


"For most of this book you have the feeling that you're listening to a good friend tell you stories of his favorite adventures including all of the sarcasm and wit that makes a story fun to listen to. I kept finding myself wanting to jump into a conversation and add my own story or comeback to the group."