Re: The Hair-raising Truth - Belated Feedback

Damien | 21/07/2011

The procrastination is finally over! Here is some actual, real-life feedback. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest my nether regions for all eternity should I be so lax in the future!

Anyway, likes and dislikes are as follows -

Likes: I like the premise behind the story. The concept of a woman who knowingly marries a werewolf, and yet still doesn't seem to have been prepared for what she was letting herself in for appeals to my sense of humour.

I detect a sub-context too, in my own mysoginistic way, of the poor, helpless woman running around behind the uncontrollable man of the house, who knows he really shouldn't be behaving like that but damn, it's much more fun this way!

Dislikes: Truthfully, there is nothing to really dislike about this. It's well written, funny, and should serve as a warning to all the angsty teenagers out there who think vampires and werewolves are somehow romantic!

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