Favorite sentences archive

This page contains all the sentences that have been chosen as our favorite sentences since the website was founded.


Septermber 28, 2011 - June 16, 2013

Sonya's pick: I'm trapped inside my own head, and finding that it‘s a dark and scary place in the middle of a very nasty neighborhood. (from Damien Smethurst's "Stations of Death")

Damien's pick: I reloaded the rifle and crouched behind a Ronald McDonald plastic figure in the street. (from Nick Clarke's "Revolution")

August 15 - September 27, 2011

Sonya's pick: Women are devious creatures, after all, and as someone much more intelligent than me once said, you can't trust anyone that can bleed continuously for five days a month and not die. (from Damien Smethurst's "The Morning After")

Damien's pick:. Really, the man was worse than walking flatulence. (from Sonya Lano's "Somewhere in the Dark")


July 18 - August 14, 2011

Sonya's pick: Unfortunately, as any 3 foot tall bright green thing with bits of carrots in it will tell you if you ask, unobtrusive is not exactly something Vomit was particularly good at. (from Damien Smethurst's "Malice and Vomit", a parody of Wallace and Gromit)

Jon's pick: If 'Rusty' had known how many cops were on the coach he would have been more than a little concerned about the two ounces of 'Moroccan Black' hashish he had stashed in the hollowed out soles of his Doctor Marten boots. (from Paul Morris's "Black Top Cops")

Damien's pick:. It was an endearing sight to watch two three-legged frogs attempt to kick a football back and forth. (from Stuart W. Mentha's "Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat")

Paul's pick:. The woman was silent, absently listening to the strident calls of carrion crows drifting down from above and the sound of the occasional sword sinking into flesh where the soldiers picked their way through the bodies. (from Sonya Lano's "Charmed and Chained")


June 13 - July 17, 2011

Sonya's pick: Vomit secretly suspected that Malice may actually be a woman trapped in a man's body. (from Damien Smethurst's "Malice and Vomit", a parody of Wallace and Gromit)

Jon's pick: One more lord made a last attempt to salvage the situation by yelling at the top of his lungs, “I witnessed the princess squash the king’s throne with her bare buttocks!” (from Sonya Lano's "Charmed and Chained")

Damien's pick:....despite the suspicious individuals who slunk onto our farms in the mid of night to perpetrate nefarious acts of dubious morality. (from Sonya Lano's "Charmed and Chained")