Busy period....

21/06/2011 17:11

I'm hoping to be doing plenty of traveling in the coming months. This will, with luck, get me out of the feeling of stagnation I have been suffering recently, and inspire me to get writing again. In the next 6 weeks or so, I have plans to visit a birthday party in Moravia, a rock gig and camping at a Gypsy bar in a small town I have never heard of, and a weekend canoeing through the Czech countryside. All of which I am really looking forwards to, although I will probably not be taking my laptop on a camping trip to a Gypsy bar!

The website is starting to take shape, which I think is good, and we have a couple of competitions that are already open for people. These contests are designed as nothing more than simple writing excercises and a chance to get the creative juices flowing for everyone. The website is primarily for the Prague Writers Group, but the contests are open for everyone and anyone to enter. I don't care where you are in the world, if you want to join in then do so, and let us see what you are capable of.

I am also hoping that in time this blog will become something that is updated on a regular basis by all the writers in Prague. If you are in the Prague Writers Group and want to get involved in running this site, and want your picture up there on the Bio Page, then get the hell in touch and we can make it happen. We want this site to be as interactive as possible, which means we need you guys to all get involved and help us with it. The Prague Writers Group is supposed to be a community of writers, where we can all support one another in an endeavour that is lonely as hell at times.

So come on, get involved. You know you want to!