"Not Dead This Time" Writing Challenge

Submission deadline: May 12, 2013
Voting deadline: May 26, 2013

Write a story not exceeding 3000 words that includes the sentence "The first time I saw Tilly MacGregor she was face down in a pool of water." The sentence can appear anywhere in the story, but the story itself may not contain any humans or humanoids (e.g. dwarves, elves and gnomes, etc.), not even dead ones.

Anyone is welcome to submit. Just insert your story as a comment below.

Anyone is welcome to vote. Just reply to your favorite entry and write "VOTE" in the comment text. Don't vote for your own entry.

Please, only constructive criticism; no bashing or venting.

Story Submissions for "Not Dead This Time" Writing Challenge

Re: Robot in Distress

Sonya Lano | 26/05/2013

VOTE (but I like Anneke's ending better!)

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